Welcome to INSIGHT – an Integrated Network of Scientific Information and GeoHydrologic Tools.

The purpose of INSIGHT is to provide an overview of recent water conditions across the state, including a most recent hydrologic period which reflects cyclical water supplies without bias toward either dry or wet periods of weather. A statistical analysis performed in this report INSIGHT METHODS showed that a 25-year window is representative of the natural wet/dry cycles in water basins across the state and avoids bias between wet and dry periods and accommodates non-stationarity in climate cycles. While representations of supplies and demands will be based on the most recent 25-year period, available data further back in time is also maintained and is accessible by users.

Hydrologic data are consolidated from several different sources, including the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and local natural resources districts and presented in charts for the following categories: water supplies, water demands, nature and extent of use, and water balance. These data are presented in a consistent format and become more local as the user drills down from the statewide level to the basin-wide and subbasin levels. It is intended that additional sources of hydrologic data will be added over time to provide a more complete picture of water conditions and trends in the state, so please check back often.

Click on the HOME button above to begin using INSIGHT and to view hydrologic data at the statewide, basin-wide, and subbasin levels. Click on the MODELING DATA button to view many of the data sources and hydrologic tools that support the charts found at the statewide and basin-wide levels on the INSIGHT Home page.

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