Streamgaging Stations List
Active NeDNR and USGS Stream Gages/Links to Gage Data

The list below provides data and graphics for active NeDNR and US Geological Survey gages, along with other records. For inactive NeDNR gage records, please contact James Williams at (402) 471-1026; or James.Williams@Nebraska.Gov. Clicking on the gage names will link directly to the NeDNR or USGS gage sites. To go to the NeDNR Real Time Water site click on For inactive USGS gage records, please refer to the USGS website

Unless otherwise marked, all data is provisional and subject to revision.

Please be aware: Some of the stations listed below are only operated seasonally and the remainder of the stations that are operated throughout the year can be affected by ice conditions during the winter months; shifts and corrections are updated weekly.

Station Name Station Number Date Time Stage Discharge Yesterday's Daily Avg. Shift Date Shift River Basin Type Downstream Storage Yesterday's Storage Avg. Field Office