Welcome to the NeRAIN website

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  • The Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network (NeRAIN) is a program designed to get citizens involved with monitoring weather across the state. The network consists of several hundred volunteers that spend a few minutes each day recording precipitation measurements along with outstanding weather events and uploading them to the NeRAIN website. The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources operates the website. Volunteer training and assistance is provided by regional coordinators in each of the Nebraska Natural Resources Districts.

  • NeRAIN information is updated daily and is available for public access on this website. The data is also transmitted on a regular basis to the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS), an international database for precipitation and weather events. The data provides important daily decision-making information for agriculture, industry, home water use, utility providers, insurance companies, resource managers, and educators.

    You may find out more about the program here:

  • Rain gauges have been provided to NeRAIN volunteers using funding by the Nebraska Natural Resources Districts, the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, and the Nebraska Environmental Trust.